The Top Signs You Need Roof Repair In North Hollywood

One of the worst-case scenarios that you can experience with any type of property is the chance that are roof can leak. Roof leaking can cause structural damage, mold, mildew and water damage and a series of other difficulties with the property. There are a number of top signs that can suggest it may be time for roof repair in North Hollywood. Recognizing some of these signs can help you to avoid the chance that you could experience a detrimental leak:

roof repair north hollywood

Noting the age of your roof: you may want to seek out roof repair in North Hollywood if your roof has remained untouched for 15 to 20 years. In most cases the maximum that shingles are designed to last are between 20 to 25 years on your roof. Even if you purchase a new property there will likely be records on hand of when the roof was put on or when it was last replaced.

Your shingles are buckling: if you are starting to notice missing shingles, buckling shingles or even severe valleys within your roof where the roof begins to dip and take on water, this can be a good sign that it’s time for some type of shingle replacement. Shingles that begin to curl and buckle often are a good sign of them failing and they will only continue to get worse and potentially fall off exposing your roof to leaks.

Checking your attic: if you have access to your attic or an area of the upper floor the directly touches your roof, you can check on the status of your roof from below. If you happen to see any daylight in your attic this can be a good sign that your roof is unprotected. If you have any walking on your roof and it feels more like a trampoline, this can also show that the shingles are taking on water and that your roof may have experienced water damage.

Consider some of these top signs for roof repair Sherman Oaks and be sure to contact a roof repair specialist in North Hollywood if you notice any one of them.


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